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Eureuka! — Since February 1, 2009, we can be found directly at Zermatt train station. More a lounge than an office, we want to welcome people arriving by train from all over the world and want to make them feel like what they are: guests. Hospitality is to be the first thing they encounter at the beginning of their holiday: tea & coffee for free! After all, Adventure is synonymous with a new spirit, for pioneers with a big heart, not a closed fist.

ADVENTURE invites you to our Opening Party. We are not sure
yet about the exact date, but we’re up for some crazy feelings.
A liveband is going to rock.


Born to snowdance is our slogan and philosophy.

Every human being is home to rhythm, flowing movement, dance.


So let’s dance! Snow is ideal for dancing. Being so soft, a fall is not dramatic. So: ready, steady, go! Zermatt is a wonderful dance hall. Our music are the heavenly — and sometimes diabolic — winds.


Adventure Spirit